Real-Time Personalization In Minutes

Engage customers with relevant web content based on their behavior, interests, predictive scoring and more.

Take Advantage of Lytics’ Personalization Tools

The Lytics Personalization product allows a marketer to quickly create and execute eye-catching digital campaigns with customized content for different audiences. These personalized interactions simply overlay on an existing webpage as a modal, gate, or banner depending on your marketing goal.

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Increase Engagement with Personalization

Target new visitors with a welcome message or loyalty program sign-up the first time they visit your website. For returning visitors, increase engagement by delivering product recommendations or written articles based on their content affinity and interests.

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Boost Sales

Translate your customer data into revenue with Lytics Personalization. Target customers with abandoned shopping carts with a flash sale or free shipping deal to incent them to complete their purchase. Cross-sell or upsell products to existing customers that are “ready to buy” based on their product preferences and Lytics’ behavioral scoring.

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Improve Your Customer Service and Company Ranking

Use Lytics Personalization to send help desk messages to customers that have an open (and perhaps negative) support ticket open to win back their business. Improve your company’s Net Promoter Score by gathering valuable survey feedback from your loyal customers.

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Measure Campaign Performance

Lytics’ reporting tools display your reach and conversion rates so you can gauge your progress at any time during your campaign. Regardless of the campaign styles that you choose, Lytics will A/B test and identify the top-performer.

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