See Your Customers in a Whole New Light With Our Customer Data Platform

It’s the first step to successful personalized marketing engagement.

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Add Active Users from all channels
Focus on Mobile Users only
And Users who spend more than $1000 on Website
Add At-Risk Users
Focus on Users who haven't used mobile in last 30 days
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Empower Personalized Push to Your Best Customers
Retarget At-Risk Users with a Winback Push Notification

Connect the Dots

Customers engage with your brand across various marketing channels (email, web, social, mobile, CRM, offline transactions, etc.) and rarely behave in rigid, pre-defined ways. Lytics’ Customer Data Platform (CDP) connects with your existing marketing tools and pulls all of your customer interactions into one place so you can better understand your customers and the best way to engage them.

data sources

Unify both anonymous and logged in consumer behavior on your website

See what devices people are browsing and cater to them specifically

Keep Up with Your Customers

Your customers may be visiting your website or browsing your mobile app without you knowing it. Lytics has the only customer data platform to offer identity resolution between known and anonymous people so that you can access accurate customer profiles in real-time. Simply put, Lytics uses sophisticated data science to determine that what appears to be two people is actually one person using separate devices (anonymously and logged in).


Capitalize on Predictive Insights

Proactive marketing improves customer outcomes and reduces attrition. The Lytics Customer Data Platform does the heavy lifting and uses machine learning to track customers’ time-sensitive behavioral movements and scores them (e.g., ready to buy, likely to churn, etc.) based on predictive intelligence that’s unmatched in the industry.

machine learning

Learn who is a binge user

Learn who is ready to buy

Learn who is about to enter another audience segment

Learn who is at risk

Build Highly Custom Audience Segments

With access to complete customer profiles, real-time behavioral data, and predictive insights, you can create personalized and targeted marketing segments or take advantage of Lytics’ pre-built, behavior-driven audiences. For an extra layer of personalization you can even incorporate your customers’ content preferences using our Content Affinity Engine.


Start Personalizing Your Marketing

Once you’ve built your behavior-based audiences in Lytics, you can then decide the right way to reach them. Whether it’s via your sales team’s customer relationship management tool, your email service provider, or your social media audiences, Lytics’ integrations make it easy to sync data and keep your customer profiles up-to-date. You can also use Lytics’ built-in web personalization tools to create customized experiences on your website right away.


Track Key Marketing Journey Events

Align your marketing goals with your customer journey and watch as customers and prospects move across various steps and hit your pre-defined milestones. Lytics automatically tracks this movement and displays it in a dynamic visual dashboard so you can quickly gauge your progress and see percentage changes from day to day.

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