Lytics for Email

Send emails that start conversations

Lytics Customer Data Platform helps you send the right email to the right person at the right time.


Send personalized content that subscribers can’t ignore

Improve email engagement with smaller, more targeted mailings on the subjects that your customers care about. Lytics constantly measures your customers’ affinity for particular topics, subjects, and products and also lets you trigger personalized messages based on their real-time behavior.


Make sure your emails reach their destination

Improve inbox placement and reduce bounced emails by adjusting your email frequency based on your customers’ engagement levels. Lytics constantly scores all of your users so that you can easily identify who wants to hear from you.


Save time with audience lists that manage themselves

Your audience constantly changes as customers interact with you brand over email, web, and other marketing channels. Lytics automatically syncs your audience segments into your email marketing tools so that it’s effortless to keep up with them.

"We've been successfully using Lytics' customer data platform to personalize email outreach to prospective customers. We are excited about the new reporting product because it will help us both better visualize our customers' journeys and potentially determine how we can expand our use of personalized marketing."

David Bradley, Racing Post