Make Your Customer Success Experience Delightful

Connect Zendesk and Lytics to unify all your customer service data to build rich user profiles and proactively solve support challenges. Use behavior-based insights to inform success-driven content that can improve customer success and retention.

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Use your custom segments to make your
next campaign personal and powerful

Target Google Ads with Predictive Precision

Build Behavior-Rich User Profiles to Improve Customer Service

Unify support ticket and marketing user data into rich universal profiles with Lytics. Use these insights to know how to reach out to your users in ways they’ll be most receptive.

Create Behavior-based Segments to Personalize Support

Build predictive segments using support ticket data and export them to your communications tools, like email. It’s the first step toward personalizing the customer support experience using what you know about your users.

Unify Behavioral Support Data to Influence Content

Learn where and how users are having trouble with your product or service by interpreting trends from how they interact with your support teams. Use these behavioral cues to improve your onboarding experience and enrich support content libraries.

Get Started In Minutes

Create a Lytics Account
Authorize your Zendesk account
Import your Zendesk user and ticket data

Fine-tune your Next Campaign

Getting started with behavior-driven campaigns is quick and easy. Let's start with connecting your user data to Lytics today and build some custom predictive segments. It's the first step towards bringing a new level of predictivity and precision to your marketing.

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