Create Web Experiments Based on User Behaviors

Build web experiments based on how your users engage with your brand. Lytics transforms user behaviors from other marketing channels into predictive segments for you to use with your next Optimizely experiment.

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Use your custom segments to make your
next campaign personal and powerful

Run Ads with Predictive Precision

Inform Web Experimentation Using All Your Marketing Data

Connect your user data from other marketing tools to Lytics to create behavior-driven segments and put your hard-earned user insights to work. Use these segments with Optimizely to conduct web experiments based on interactions between users and your brand.

Orchestrate Landing Pages Based on Predictive Segments

Complete your customer experience using Lytics and Optimizely to create a personalized landing page experience for users. Reward visitors who come from specific behavior-driven campaigns with a personalized web experience to drive conversions.

Improve Experiments with Lytics Data Science

Gain new value after each experiment as Lytics’ data science learns more about your users. Each experiment you conduct is another way to learn more about users and will improve your custom segments. Improve web personalization and your customer experience with every test.

Get Started In Minutes

Add the Lytics Tracking Tag
Copy and Paste Your API Key
Export Users to Optimizely for Targeting

Fine-tune your Next Campaign

Getting started with behavior-driven campaigns is quick and easy. Let's start with connecting your user data to Lytics today and build some custom predictive segments. It's the first step towards bringing a new level of predictivity and precision to your marketing.

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