Send Even Better Email

Connect Mailchimp and Lytics to improve the personalization and precision of your email marketing. Lytics combines historical email data and user behavior from your other marketing tools so you can create segments based on how your users interact with your brand.

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Use your custom segments to make your
next campaign personal and powerful

Get the Most out of Email

Build Predictive Segments Based on User Behavior

Create segments using an unlimited number of behavior-driven parameters using Lytics Audience Manager. This means sending email to segments of users based on how they interact with your brand, and at any level of predictivity that you want.

Track and Use All Your Email User Data

Upload and put all of your important email user data to work. Lytics stores and analyzes every bit of your email user data, even your unstructured information, to fuel our predictive data science performance. This helps you build targeted segments for better email campaigns.

Detect Anomalies at the Segment Level

Receive alerts whenever Lytics detects anomalies within your segments during your marketing campaign. This means quickly responding to big shifts in user behavior that occur within your custom segments.

Get Started In Minutes

Create a Lytics Account
Authorize your Mailchimp account
Import Your email user data to Lytics

Fine-tune your Next Campaign

Getting started with behavior-driven campaigns is quick and easy. Let's start with connecting your user data to Lytics today and build some custom predictive segments. It's the first step towards bringing a new level of predictivity and precision to your marketing.

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