Leverage behavioral data to personalize your marketing

Connecting Gigya and Lytics lets you create more targeted, behavior-driven marketing campaigns by combining real-time customer engagement with existing social and login based identity data.

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Use your custom segments to make your
next campaign personal and powerful

Use your social and login based identity data more effectively!

Access Dynamic Customer Profiles

Put your social and login based identity data to work. Enrich your existing Gigya social profiles with real-time customer activity across mobile, social, customer support, web, and more.

Personalize your marketing

With your Gigya social and login based identity data and Lytics behavioral data integrated into one place, you can now create highly targeted customer segments that reflect real-time customer content preferences and activity.

Keep segments up to date

As customers engage with your digital properties—and as their content preferences fluctuate—you can sync your segments in real-time so you always have the most accurate lists for your marketing initiatives.

Get Started In Minutes

Create a Lytics Account
Connect your Gigya account
Import your Gigya data to Lytics

Fine-tune your Next Campaign

Getting started with behavior-driven campaigns is quick and easy. Let's start with connecting your user data to Lytics today and build some custom predictive segments. It's the first step towards bringing a new level of predictivity and precision to your marketing.

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