Target Behavior-Driven Segments with Your Ads

Focus social advertising on behavior-based user segments when you connect Facebook Ads with Lytics. Gain access to data science-fueled Lookalike Audiences, anonymous users from your web tools, and other segments based on how users interact with your brand.

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Use your custom segments to make your
next campaign personal and powerful

Run Ads with Predictive Precision

Target Your Users with Behavior-Based Segments

Build behavioral segments based on how users interact with your brand. Connecting all your marketing tools improves the potency of these segments. Export these predictive segments to Facebook to increase your ad performance.

Improve Lookalike Audience Targeting

Supercharge Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences using Lytics’ predictive analytics. Create a custom segment of your best users within Lytics and export it into Facebook Ads to target like users from the social network.

Extend Your Personalized Marketing

Use Lytics behavior-based segments from other channels, like email, web, and mobile, in your social ads. This lets you coordinate your Facebook Ads presence with the rest of your personalized marketing efforts.

Get Started In Minutes

Authorize the Facebook Integrations within Lytics
Create and export your segments into Facebook
Use Facebook Custom Audiences to Target Users

Fine-tune your Next Campaign

Getting started with behavior-driven campaigns is quick and easy. Let's start with connecting your user data to Lytics today and build some custom predictive segments. It's the first step towards bringing a new level of predictivity and precision to your marketing.

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