By Mark Hayden on Jul 24, 2015

Introducing: The Lytics Developer Section

We’ve spent a lot of time and focus showing modern marketers that Lytics is a Customer Data Platform that can deliver a whole new level of customer understanding for their teams. But what about our interested developers?

We didn’t want to leave marketing-focused developer and IT-types hanging, of course. So, we rallied all of our developer-focused content, tools, and repos together into one place: Our Developer Section.

Keep Up with Our Developer Blog

Our team will add developer-focused articles to our usual editorial flow. These articles include Lytics Use Cases, implementation how-to’s, and other looks “under the hood” so any modern marketing team can find success with us. Take a look.

Play with Our Open Source Library

We’d be nothing without the contributions and innovations from Open Source technologies. We invite any adventurous developers to check out a few of the tools that Lytics uses. Fork, code, play, learn– all are welcome to check it out.

Learn from Our REST API Documentation

For those of you who want a deeper understanding of the Lytics REST API, we invite you to check out our docs. It’s our way of showing our more tech-savvy customers that we’ve got what it takes to implement Lytics to your Martech stack easily with plenty of room for scalability. Take a peek.

We All Learn Together

So check everything out and have a great time. Let us know what you’d like to see more of by reaching out to us.

See a bug? Let us know. Have fun!

By Mark Hayden Engineer

Mark is a full-stack wonder at Lytics. If he’s not building marketing technology integrations, he might be working on other technical portions of Lytics, or designing something new. We’re still trying to figure out what he can’t do.

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