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By Julia Farina on Feb 6, 2017

Interview: How Agora Financial Increased Monthly Average Revenue By 167% With A Customer Data Platform

Agora Financial, a leading digital media company, recently executed personalized web campaigns with Lytics’ Personalization product and saw a 167 percent bump in revenue from the website. We interviewed Agora's web director, TJ Tate to see how they did it.

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By Julia Farina on Oct 17, 2016

Watch: Retailers Wildfang and The Clymb Show How To Boost Conversions

VentureBeat recently hosted a webinar featuring Lytics customer Wildfang on how they're using web personalization and a customer data platform to meet market demands and grow their e-commerce business by 73%.

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By Julia Farina on Sep 30, 2016

Web Personalization: How To Move The Needle On Conversions

VentureBeat recently interviewed Craig Schinn, senior director of solutions consulting, on how improvements in data science and web personalization empower marketers to significantly boost web conversions.

Lytics News Web Personalization Customer Experience VentureBeat Lytics Personalization

By Julia Farina on Sep 27, 2016

Lytics Customer Wildfang Doubling YOY Revenue With Web Personalization

VentureBeat recently interviewed Wildfang — a customer-centric clothing and lifestyle brand — on how they use machine learning and web personalization to improve the retail experience and grow their business.

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By Julia Farina on Jul 28, 2016

Marketing Land Highlights Lytics Personalization Product for One-to-One Digital Marketing Campaigns

We’re excited that Marketing Land recently featured our new Personalization product for more efficient and sophisticated web campaigns.

Lytics News Personalization Marketing Land Lytics Personalization

By Julia Farina on Jul 22, 2016

VentureBeat Features Lytics' New Personalization Product to Bridge the Gap Between Marketing and Data Science

We're thrilled that VentureBeat is as excited about the underlying data science powering our new Personalization product as we are. Check out the article to learn more.

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