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By Julia Farina on Jun 26, 2017

MarTech Series Interviews Lytics CEO James McDermott

Check out what he had to say about the MarTech landscape and the role of Customer Data Platforms.

Lytics News MarTech Interview Series

By Julia Farina on Jun 15, 2017

SourceMedia Discusses the B-to-B Publisher's Use of the Lytics Customer Data Platform

In a wide-ranging discussion, SourceMedia CMO Matthew Yorke explains how the publisher uses Lytics for richer user profiles, audience segmentation and more targeted leads for advertisers.

Lytics News Customer Data Platform AdExchanger SourceMedia

By Julia Farina on Jun 1, 2017

Watch: How Publishers Increase Ad Revenue and Personalize Content with a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

At the Connectiv Executive Summit, Lytics’ VP of marketing Jeff Hardison discusses changes to the business-to-business media landscape and how publishers are using CDPs to get ahead.

Lytics News Media Connectiv Executive Summit

By Julia Farina on May 30, 2017

How Lytics Customer Dr. Martens Lands 60% Higher Conversions With A Customer Data Platform

Chief Marketer news site recently featured Dr. Martens and their use of predictive data science and a customer data platform to improve e-commerce conversions and average order value.

Lytics News Retail Chief Marketer Dr. Martens

By Julia Farina on May 26, 2017

Why All the Hype Around Customer Data Platforms?

Publishing Executive news site explores the trends driving media companies such as Access Intelligence, The Economist Group, Source Media, Agora Financial, and Haymarket to adopt Customer Data Platforms.

Lytics News Publishing Executive Customer Data Platform

By Julia Farina on Apr 28, 2017

How Lytics Customer Dr. Martens Uses A Customer Data Platform To Power 1:1 Marketing

AdExchanger news site recently sat down with Lytics customer Dr. Martens to see how the iconic retailer uses Lytics as a part of their digital marketing stack.

Lytics News Retail AdExchanger Dr. Martens