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By Sarah Yablok on Mar 14, 2017

A Developer's Introduction to Content Recommendations

Did you know that Lytics offers one-to-one content recommendations powered by user affinities, and that getting our recommendations on your website is as easy as writing HTML? Lets walk through an introduction to Lytics content recommendations and this simple developer use case.

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By Michael Lange on Feb 17, 2016

Using Data Visualization to Enhance the Narrative

Let's break down how data visualization is much more than pretty graphs. The right display of data using the right medium can convey information far easier than words. See this in action and use some in your next presentation.

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By Allie Morgan on Nov 30, 2015

Catching Clickbait: Using a Naive Bayesian Classifier in Go

The Lytics Data Science team explores the use of probabilistic classifiers, such as naive Bayesian, to sniff out clickbait-type articles. Check out how this machine-learning method can identify this notorious content type of the internet.

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By Mark Hayden on Oct 23, 2015

Stop Pretending Your Insights Are Actionable: Part 1, Google Analytics

Most analytics tools are used purely for insight discovery rather than empowering action. We explore how the Lytics analytics integrations focus on action and filling the some massive gaps traditional analytics tools miss.

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By Sarah Yablok on Aug 26, 2015

Developing Basic Content Personalization

We recently launched a campaign that uses Custom Element Toggling to cater to different audiences visiting our site. Check out our developer's point-of-view to see how we did it and how you can implement this for your brand.

Developers Customer Data Platform Personalization Content Strategy

By Allie Morgan on Aug 12, 2015

NOT Yet Another Anomaly Detection Package

Our developers wanted to bring a new edge to anomaly detection and we’ve done so with our Anomalyzer SDK. Learn more about how data-driven developers can put our custom, efficient anomaly detector to work.

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