The Lytics Blog Customer Data Platform Lytics en-us Oct 18, 2017 Watch: How SaaS Leader Atlassian Uses a Customer Data Platform for More Relevant Customer Engagement Oct 18, 2017 VentureBeat recently hosted a webinar featuring Lytics customer Atlassian on how they're using a customer data platform to build their Engagement Platform. Customer Data Platforms: Build or Buy? Oct 12, 2017 VentureBeat recently interviewed Jeff Hardison, VP of Marketing at Lytics, on why more and more companies are buying customer data platforms versus building them in-house. Trending Theme: Customer Data Platforms as Marketing's 'Central Nervous System' Oct 8, 2017 Check out MarTech Today's recap of MarTech East in Boston and how Lytics and Customer Data Platforms were a key theme of the event. Introducing Lytics Orchestrate Sep 20, 2017 Our new product provides a fresh way to visualize where audience, activation, and marketing campaigns merge in the Lytics user interface (UI). Snapchat Selects Lytics to Help Onboard Custom Audiences Sep 11, 2017 We're excited to announce that Lytics is the first purpose-built, customer data platform (CDP) to be a Snapchat Audience Match Partner. Webinar: How Dr. Martens and Wildfang Create Cult-Like Followings Using a Customer Data Platform Sep 1, 2017 Adweek recently hosted a webinar on how edgy retailers Dr. Martens and Wildfang build and maintain customer relationships with a customer data platform. Lytics Featured on DM News as a Smart Customer Data Platform Aug 30, 2017 DM News site recently covered how customer data platforms such as Lytics use machine learning to help marketers to run more relevant and effective campaigns. Five Things To Look For In A Customer Data Platform (CDP) Jul 26, 2017 With so many Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) on the market, it can be hard to differentiate one from the other. Here are the features you shouldn't compromise on. Understanding How Lytics Identity Resolution Works Jul 25, 2017 Identity Resolution sifts through data from many sources to create an accurate and unified customer record. Although a computationally intensive process, the right framework can make it a lot more flexible. New to Customer Data Platforms? Here's A Primer. Jul 10, 2017 There’s been a lot of buzz about Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) in the past year. Learn more about how CDPs work and why the number of large-scale CDP adopters has dramatically increased. MarTech Series Interviews Lytics CEO James McDermott Jun 26, 2017 Check out what he had to say about the MarTech landscape and the role of Customer Data Platforms. A Glimpse Under the Hood of Natural Language Processing Jun 20, 2017 Understanding how to curate and blacklist the topics in Lytics' Content Affinity engine can get you even more mileage out of your content. SourceMedia Discusses the B-to-B Publisher's Use of the Lytics Customer Data Platform Jun 15, 2017 In a wide-ranging discussion, SourceMedia CMO Matthew Yorke explains how the publisher uses Lytics for richer user profiles, audience segmentation and more targeted leads for advertisers. Watch: How Publishers Increase Ad Revenue and Personalize Content with a Customer Data Platform (CDP) Jun 1, 2017 At the Connectiv Executive Summit, Lytics’ VP of marketing Jeff Hardison discusses changes to the business-to-business media landscape and how publishers are using CDPs to get ahead. How Lytics Customer Dr. Martens Lands 60% Higher Conversions With A Customer Data Platform May 30, 2017 Chief Marketer news site recently featured Dr. Martens and their use of predictive data science and a customer data platform to improve e-commerce conversions and average order value. Why All the Hype Around Customer Data Platforms? May 26, 2017 Publishing Executive news site explores the trends driving media companies such as Access Intelligence, The Economist Group, Source Media, Agora Financial, and Haymarket to adopt Customer Data Platforms. How Lytics Customer Dr. Martens Uses A Customer Data Platform To Power 1:1 Marketing Apr 28, 2017 AdExchanger news site recently sat down with Lytics customer Dr. Martens to see how the iconic retailer uses Lytics as a part of their digital marketing stack. Interview: How The Economist is Smashing Revenue Records With A Customer Data Platform Apr 26, 2017 MarTech Advisor news site recently interviewed The Economist on how the popular publisher made strategic technology investments to grow their business. A Developer's Introduction to Content Recommendations Mar 14, 2017 Did you know that Lytics offers one-to-one content recommendations powered by user affinities, and that getting our recommendations on your website is as easy as writing HTML? Lets walk through an introduction to Lytics content recommendations and this simple developer use case. Keeping Visitors Around with Content Recommendations Mar 8, 2017 Today we released the next iteration of the Lytics Web Personalization tool. It ties together our pre-existing open source Pathfora SDK and our Content Recommendation API to create a unique authoring experience geared towards increasing user engagement and content marketing. Forrester and Lytics Webinar: The Secrets To Personalized Marketing Feb 21, 2017 Check out this webinar recording to learn how brands are embracing marketing personalization and seeing compelling ROI from their efforts. Why Your Emails Get Deleted — And How A Customer Data Platform Can Help Feb 17, 2017 Relevant and personalized email marketing seems to be the exception rather than the rule today. In this post, we'll explore how to send emails that people will actually read and enjoy. Interview: How Agora Financial Increased Monthly Average Revenue By 167% With A Customer Data Platform Feb 6, 2017 Agora Financial, a leading digital media company, recently executed personalized web campaigns with Lytics’ Personalization product and saw a 167 percent bump in revenue from the website. We interviewed Agora's web director, TJ Tate to see how they did it. Five Widespread Publisher Misconceptions About First-Party Data Jan 23, 2017 Publishing and Media companies have a lot of customer data at their fingertips, however there are some common misconceptions on how that first-party data can be used. Read on as we set the record straight. Publishers: You're Sitting on a Gold Mine of Untapped Data Jan 11, 2017 Publishing and media companies are often unaware of the vast amount of first-party customer data that they have at their fingertips. In this post we'll better define "first-party data" and explore why it's so important for publishers. Segmented Email: How to Overcome "Bulking" and Improve Results Dec 16, 2016 Are some of your emails going to junk folders or being blocked by Internet Service Providers? Here's how Lytics can help you reduce your email bounces rate and actually improve email engagement with your subscribers. Omeda and Lytics Team Up To Offer All-In-One Audience Engagement Platform Nov 21, 2016 Our new partnership with Omeda provides the first audience engagement platform for business information and media companies. Watch: Retailers Wildfang and The Clymb Show How To Boost Conversions Oct 17, 2016 VentureBeat recently hosted a webinar featuring Lytics customer Wildfang on how they're using web personalization and a customer data platform to meet market demands and grow their e-commerce business by 73%. Crafting Better Web Personalization Experiences Oct 11, 2016 Increasing the relevance of a website's user experience is critical to the success of any company that relies on their online presence to capture revenue. Jon MacDonald, founder of The Good, explains why. Web Personalization: How To Move The Needle On Conversions Sep 30, 2016 VentureBeat recently interviewed Craig Schinn, senior director of solutions consulting, on how improvements in data science and web personalization empower marketers to significantly boost web conversions. Journey Reporting: What B2C Marketers Can Learn From Their B2B Counterparts Sep 28, 2016 Consumer-decision journeys are certainly less linear than business journeys, however, there are best practices that can help business-to-consumer marketers better reach their elusive — yet extremely valuable — omnichannel customers. Lytics Customer Wildfang Doubling YOY Revenue With Web Personalization Sep 27, 2016 VentureBeat recently interviewed Wildfang — a customer-centric clothing and lifestyle brand — on how they use machine learning and web personalization to improve the retail experience and grow their business. Interview: Engagement-Driven Account-Based Marketing Sep 9, 2016 Lytics' publishing-industry customer SourceMedia discusses how they use audience engagement data to offer a more targeted account-based marketing solution to their advertiser clients. A Closer Look at Designing the New Segment Builder Sep 1, 2016 Lytics customers know that the segment builder is a key feature of our Customer Data Platform. It lets you identify and define audiences with data from web, email, mobile, and pretty much any other channel. Taking on a redesign of a frequently used feature such as this brings a particular set of challenges and opportunities. Improving the Segment Builder Aug 22, 2016 We took a step back and rethought our segmentation tool. Today we released the first wave of changes to improve the experience of creating segments for whatever your targeting purposes may be. Use Lytics To Make Your Facebook Ads up to 40% More Efficient Aug 17, 2016 Still running blanket, ineffective retargeting campaigns on Facebook? Here a few ways that Lytics helps you take advantage data science-based targeting and customer scoring to maximize your return on ad spend. CDPs Vs DMPs. What's The Difference? Aug 16, 2016 James McDermott demystifies the differences between customer data platforms (CDPs) and data management platforms (DMPs) and outlines what you need to know about new emerging categories of marketing tech. Watch: Using Audience Data for Better Account-Based Marketing Aug 5, 2016 Lytics' publishing-industry customer Access Intelligence discusses major shifts impacting the media landscape and how they've used Lytics to increase their professional service business by 54 percent. Understanding "Likely to Re-Engage" Users Aug 3, 2016 Users that are "Likely to Re-Engage" are 10x more likely to engage with your brand. Let's take a look at how Lytics determines which of your users are "Likely to Re-Engage" and explore ways you can make the most of this coveted segment. Marketing Land Highlights Lytics Personalization Product for One-to-One Digital Marketing Campaigns Jul 28, 2016 We’re excited that Marketing Land recently featured our new Personalization product for more efficient and sophisticated web campaigns. VentureBeat Features Lytics' New Personalization Product to Bridge the Gap Between Marketing and Data Science Jul 22, 2016 We're thrilled that VentureBeat is as excited about the underlying data science powering our new Personalization product as we are. Check out the article to learn more. Introducing: Lytics Personalization Jun 21, 2016 Delivering relevant marketing messages at the right time, to the right individuals has been an immense challenge for modern marketers. Developting the campaign, identifying who is visiting and simply managing the delivery of these campaigns has been daunting. Until now. Customer Data Platform Powering Mobile Engagement Apr 14, 2016 Our partner Urban Airship invited us to guest blog on their site about how customer data platforms can power mobile engagement. Using Data Visualization to Enhance the Narrative Feb 17, 2016 Let's break down how data visualization is much more than pretty graphs. The right display of data using the right medium can convey information far easier than words. See this in action and use some in your next presentation. Introducing: Lytics Journey Reporting Feb 16, 2016 See people move through the customer journey and measure their progress and interactions using Lytics Journey Reporting. Build a customer journey that is measurable, based on your key marketing goals. TechCrunch Features Lytics' Customer Data Platform For One-To-One Marketing Feb 16, 2016 TechCrunch features Lytics' Content Affinity Engine as a powerful tool that enables marketers to personalize their marketing and send the right content to the right person. TechCrunch Identifies Lytics As Key Player in Personalized Marketing Innovation Feb 2, 2016 We're excited about being listed by TechCrunch as a key player in innovating personalized marketing. Check out the article to learn more. Forbes Lists Lytics As A Hottest Cloud-based Marketing Startup Feb 1, 2016 We're thrilled to be listed by Forbes as one of the hottest cloud-based marketing startups of 2015. Defining Customer Data Platform Behavioral Segments Jan 29, 2016 The Lytics Customer Data Platform features out-of-the-box behavioral segments that any marketer can put to use immediately. Our Business Development specialist defines some high-level use cases that are accessible to any modern marketer. How Do You Build Your Marketing Stack? Jan 12, 2016 Not all marketing tech stacks are built equal. Check out our exploration of four popular martech topologies, inspired by Scott Brinker, and how we explain the pros and cons of each. Personalized Email Is More Than A First Name: An Exploration Jan 8, 2016 If we understand the intent of our customers through how they interact with our brand and web presence, there's no excuse for us to not send personalized, relevant email. If anything, we can be less annoying with our campaigns. Catching Clickbait: Using a Naive Bayesian Classifier in Go Nov 30, 2015 The Lytics Data Science team explores the use of probabilistic classifiers, such as naive Bayesian, to sniff out clickbait-type articles. Check out how this machine-learning method can identify this notorious content type of the internet. How Data-First Personas Inform Adaptive Content Nov 3, 2015 Using data-first user personas unlocks behavior-rich cues for marketers to know how and when to render certain kinds of content and messaging. This data-first approach is a integral part of any adaptive content strategy. Stop Pretending Your Insights Are Actionable: Part 1, Google Analytics Oct 23, 2015 Most analytics tools are used purely for insight discovery rather than empowering action. We explore how the Lytics analytics integrations focus on action and filling the some massive gaps traditional analytics tools miss. Pushing Mobile Experience Further with a User Data-First Approach Sep 29, 2015 Lytics announces a new partnership with Urban Airship’s Connect product. Unify mobile data with other cross-channel user insights to gain a new level of customer understanding. Making the Most of an Internship Sep 18, 2015 Not all internships are the same. Learn how our 2015 summer sales intern made the most of his stay and left his mark with the company. Are You Building Data-First User Personas? Sep 2, 2015 Customer interaction data can lend us a level of insight that demographic and declarative data-based personas can't. Read this article to learn how the collective power of customer data from differnet channels can enhance your user personas. Developing Basic Content Personalization Aug 26, 2015 We recently launched a campaign that uses Custom Element Toggling to cater to different audiences visiting our site. Check out our developer's point-of-view to see how we did it and how you can implement this for your brand. Exploring Basic Content Personalization Aug 26, 2015 Personalizing content requires a data-first mindset. Using what you know about your potential users allows you to add relevant context to your user experience. Learn more about a simple Lytics exercise on content personalization. Check Out Our Customer Interview with The Clymb Aug 19, 2015 We interviewed Tyler Bullen, Personalization Program Manager at The Clymb, about how he uses Lytics to add a new level of personalization to marketing. Watch our video to learn more about how they put our Customer Data Platform to work. NOT Yet Another Anomaly Detection Package Aug 12, 2015 Our developers wanted to bring a new edge to anomaly detection and we’ve done so with our Anomalyzer SDK. Learn more about how data-driven developers can put our custom, efficient anomaly detector to work. Try Our Lytics Demo at eTail East 2015 Aug 6, 2015 Lytics heads to eTail East to demo our Customer Data Platform for eager retailers seeking an edge in personalized marketing. Will you join us? Thoughts About Our "Cool Vendor" Webinar Aug 5, 2015 Lytics joined Quantifind and WealthEngine to talk about where modern, data-driven marketing is heading. Check out our quick takeaways or sign up for a viewing of the webinar through WealthEngine. Checking Out Growthverse: A New Look At the Martech Ecosystem Jul 28, 2015 As the marketing technology landscape continues to evolve, we need a better way to classify solutions and how they apply to the marketer's stack. Learn how Growthverse, a new marketing tech visualization, helps do just that. Introducing: The Lytics Developer Section Jul 24, 2015 Announcing our new Developer's Section. We collected all of our Open Source projects, API documentation, and other interesting developer content into one place. Enjoy! Understanding User Intent Through Content Jul 24, 2015 Customer Intent comes from understanding the connection between engagement and its contexts. Content modeling and affinity graphs makes interpretation of intent a lot easier. Learn how marketers can benefit from this. Data Science for Marketing Is More Approachable Than You Think Jul 9, 2015 Adding a data science advantage into your marketing mix can seem like it’s only for huge corporations with massive budgets and teams of data scientists. Learn how it’s actually more accessible now than ever to drive better results with your marketing. Behavior-Based Segments Outperform Demographic Ones Jul 1, 2015 Data-driven marketers seeking precision beyond traditional demographic and attribute-based segments will want to look at behavior-based targeting. Read this article to learn how these types of predictive segments drive marketing ROI. Gartner Names Lytics "Cool Vendor" Jun 29, 2015 Research firm Gartner names Lytics as a "Cool Vendor" in the Data-driven Marketing space. We’re thrilled and are going to participate in a discussion with other marketing tech tools on the vendor list. We’re Now Safe Harbor Certified Jun 26, 2015 Lytics is now Safe Harbor certified. This means that our user data privacy protections meet the requirement set by the Federal Trade Commission and E.U.. Lytics Gives Minicabster a ROI Lift Jun 12, 2015 Adopting data-drive marketing practices allowed Minicabster to put their first-party data to work to improve marketing performance. Learn how they increased their social engagement through retargeting to drive repeat business. A Look at Lytics Predictive Scoring Jun 11, 2015 Lytics behavioral scores probably won't replace your existing marketing segmentation. But, they will definitely make it better. Read this article if you’re curious about how behavioral scoring can improve your marketing precision. Are You Making the Most of Your First-Party Data? Jun 10, 2015 Making sense of your first-party data can lead to killer remarketing advantages. Learn more about how the data you collect already can supercharge your ad campaign performance. How Minicabster Tapped User Data to Grow Sales by 83% Jun 8, 2015 Our partners at Segment wrote about a recent win by our mutual client, Minicabster. Check it out to learn more about Minicabster's data-driven marketing efforts that increased sales by 83%. WordPress Integration Plugin Now Available Jun 5, 2015 There's a WordPress Integration Plugin now available for Lytics. One of our clients loved our product so much that they developed a plugin for us. We're very impressed and thankful. What We Learned from Our First Webinar with Optimizely Jun 3, 2015 Lytics partnered up with Optimizely and The Clymb to explore how data-driven web personalization helped improve marketing performance. Read more about the webinar and watch it to learn a few tips and tricks. Welcome to the Lytics Blog Jun 1, 2015 We're kicking off our blog with a quick runthrough of what readers and users can expect. It's our way of living and breathing data-driven marketing. We hope you join along for the ride.