By Julia Farina on Sep 27, 2016

Lytics Customer Wildfang Doubling YOY Revenue With Web Personalization

We’re thrilled that VentureBeat recently interviewed Lytics Customer WildFang about how they use web personalization to grow their retail business. CEO Emma McIllroy discusses the challenges and the opportunities that customer data presents—and how they are embracing it to create a better customer experience.

Our Takeaway

Lytics’ Customer Data Platform helps retailers and other companies personalize experiences with their audiences by unifying customer data across channels (email, web, sales, customer support, etc.) and applying data science to enrich user profiles. With our new product Lytics Personalization, our goal is to make it easier for marketers to use this real-time customer data to deliver more personalized customer interactions on the web. Curious about what this might mean for your business? Feel free to reach out for a demo.

By Julia Farina Director of Marketing

Julia is the Director of Marketing for Lytics. She helps fellow marketers across all industries learn how personalized, data-driven campaigns can grow their businesses. In addition to product marketing, she also enjoys cycling, backpacking and hiking the Pacific Northwest.