By Julia Farina on Nov 21, 2016

Omeda and Lytics Team Up To Offer All-In-One Audience Engagement Platform

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Omeda, the market leader in database and fulfillment services for media and publishing companies. Omeda will bundle the Lytics Customer Data Platform, Content Affinity Engine, and Lytics Personalization products with their existing fulfillment services and marketing execution tools — creating the most comprehensive audience engagement platform for media companies. Check out what MarTech Advisor had to say.

Publishers have traditionally struggled from having various marketing and technology tools that don’t talk to one another, preventing them from executing personalized marketing programs. With the Lytics and Omeda partnership, media companies can now benefit from one centralized hub for both their cross channel customer data as well as their marketing execution tools (email, web personalization, etc.).

Publishers also benefit from Lytics’ built-in data science for customer engagement scoring and predictive audience segments (“about to buy,” “about to churn,” etc.). This intelligence allows them to focus their sales and marketing efforts as well as increase revenue with more targeted programs for advertisers.

Our Takeaway

With online and offline data under one roof, the Omeda and Lytics partnership makes it simpler for media companies to access comprehensive customer profiles and deliver more personalized content to subscribers. If you’re interested in what this could mean for your media company, reach out to [email protected].

By Julia Farina Director of Marketing

Julia is the Director of Marketing for Lytics. She helps fellow marketers across all industries learn how personalized, data-driven campaigns can grow their businesses. In addition to product marketing, she also enjoys cycling, backpacking and hiking the Pacific Northwest.