By Julia Farina on Sep 9, 2016

Interview: Engagement-Driven Account-Based Marketing

SourceMedia, a publishing-industry customer of Lytics, discusses how customer data platforms play a key role in their account-based marketing strategy.

In SIIA’s recent interview with SourceMedia’s VP of Integrated Marketing and Demand Generation, Marcus Witte, we were thrilled to see how Lytics’ has helped shape SourceMedia’s new Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solution. (Account-based marketing involves creating a communications program that targets several people associated with a customer account.) In this interview, Witte outlines how SourceMedia uses the Lytics Customer Data Platform (CDP) to create an engagement-focused ABM strategy — one that uses behavioral data and predictive insights and emphasizes audience quality over quantity.

Our Takeaway

Successful account-based marketing starts with an understanding of your customers: what interests them and how they engage with your brand across marketing channels. Making all of this cross-channel data actionable is what Lytics is all about. For consumer media and trade publishers/events companies in particular, Lytics helps you identify engaged subscribers, reveals the content that interests them, and also provides better services to the advertisers that support your business.

If you’d like to learn how Lytics can help you boost your Account-Based Marketing strategy, feel free to reach out to your Lytics account representative, or if you’re new to Lytics, feel free to request a demo!

By Julia Farina Director of Marketing

Julia is the Director of Marketing for Lytics. She helps fellow marketers across all industries learn how personalized, data-driven campaigns can grow their businesses. In addition to product marketing, she also enjoys cycling, backpacking and hiking the Pacific Northwest.