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By Drew Lanenga on Jul 25, 2017

Understanding How Lytics Identity Resolution Works

Identity Resolution sifts through data from many sources to create an accurate and unified customer record. Although a computationally intensive process, the right framework can make it a lot more flexible.

Identity Resolution Data

By Drew Lanenga on Jun 20, 2017

A Glimpse Under the Hood of Natural Language Processing

Understanding how to curate and blacklist the topics in Lytics' Content Affinity engine can get you even more mileage out of your content.

Data Science Data-First Marketing Customer Data Platform Content Affinity

By Drew Lanenga on Jul 24, 2015

Understanding User Intent Through Content

Customer Intent comes from understanding the connection between engagement and its contexts. Content modeling and affinity graphs makes interpretation of intent a lot easier. Learn how marketers can benefit from this.

Data Science Customer Data Platform Personalization Content Marketing

By Drew Lanenga on Jul 1, 2015

Behavior-Based Segments Outperform Demographic Ones

Data-driven marketers seeking precision beyond traditional demographic and attribute-based segments will want to look at behavior-based targeting. Read this article to learn how these types of predictive segments drive marketing ROI.

Data Science Data-First Marketing Customer Data Platform Email Marketing Ad Retargeting

By Drew Lanenga on Jun 11, 2015

A Look at Lytics Predictive Scoring

Lytics behavioral scores probably won't replace your existing marketing segmentation. But, they will definitely make it better. Read this article if you’re curious about how behavioral scoring can improve your marketing precision.

Data Science Data-First Marketing Customer Data Platform Behavior-Based Marketing Email Marketing Ad Retargeting