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By Andrew Nhem on Jan 12, 2016

How Do You Build Your Marketing Stack?

Not all marketing tech stacks are built equal. Check out our exploration of four popular martech topologies, inspired by Scott Brinker, and how we explain the pros and cons of each.

Data-First Marketing Customer Data Platform Predictive Marketing Marketing Technology Marketing Automation Behavior-Based Marketing

By Andrew Nhem on Jan 8, 2016

Personalized Email Is More Than A First Name: An Exploration

If we understand the intent of our customers through how they interact with our brand and web presence, there's no excuse for us to not send personalized, relevant email. If anything, we can be less annoying with our campaigns.

User Data Unification Use Cases Email Marketing Personalization Content Marketing

By Andrew Nhem on Nov 3, 2015

How Data-First Personas Inform Adaptive Content

Using data-first user personas unlocks behavior-rich cues for marketers to know how and when to render certain kinds of content and messaging. This data-first approach is a integral part of any adaptive content strategy.

Data-First Marketing Customer Data Platform User Data Unification User Experience Personalization

By Andrew Nhem on Sep 2, 2015

Are You Building Data-First User Personas?

Customer interaction data can lend us a level of insight that demographic and declarative data-based personas can't. Read this article to learn how the collective power of customer data from differnet channels can enhance your user personas.

Customer Data Platform User Data Unification Personalization Content Strategy User Experience

By Andrew Nhem on Aug 26, 2015

Exploring Basic Content Personalization

Personalizing content requires a data-first mindset. Using what you know about your potential users allows you to add relevant context to your user experience. Learn more about a simple Lytics exercise on content personalization.

Data-First Marketing Customer Data Platform Content Strategy Content Marketing Personalization

By Andrew Nhem on Jun 10, 2015

Are You Making the Most of Your First-Party Data?

Making sense of your first-party data can lead to killer remarketing advantages. Learn more about how the data you collect already can supercharge your ad campaign performance.

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