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By Morgan Perry on Jan 11, 2017

Publishers: You're Sitting on a Gold Mine of Untapped Data

Publishing and media companies are often unaware of the vast amount of first-party customer data that they have at their fingertips. In this post we'll better define "first-party data" and explore why it's so important for publishers.

First-Party Data Customer Data Platform Media and Publishing

By Craig Schinn on Dec 16, 2016

Segmented Email: How to Overcome "Bulking" and Improve Results

Are some of your emails going to junk folders or being blocked by Internet Service Providers? Here's how Lytics can help you reduce your email bounces rate and actually improve email engagement with your subscribers.

Marketers Customer Data Platform Email Email Marketing Segmentation

By Julia Farina on Nov 21, 2016

Omeda and Lytics Team Up To Offer All-In-One Audience Engagement Platform

Our new partnership with Omeda provides the first audience engagement platform for business information and media companies.

Lytics News Omeda Customer Data Platform

By Julia Farina on Oct 17, 2016

Watch: Retailers Wildfang and The Clymb Show How To Boost Conversions

VentureBeat recently hosted a webinar featuring Lytics customer Wildfang on how they're using web personalization and a customer data platform to meet market demands and grow their e-commerce business by 73%.

Lytics News Web Personalization Customer Data Platform VentureBeat Lytics Personalization Wildfang

By Jon MacDonald on Oct 11, 2016

Crafting Better Web Personalization Experiences

Increasing the relevance of a website's user experience is critical to the success of any company that relies on their online presence to capture revenue. Jon MacDonald, founder of The Good, explains why.

Personalization Customer Experience Marketing Personalization

By Julia Farina on Sep 30, 2016

Web Personalization: How To Move The Needle On Conversions

VentureBeat recently interviewed Craig Schinn, senior director of solutions consulting, on how improvements in data science and web personalization empower marketers to significantly boost web conversions.

Lytics News Web Personalization Customer Experience VentureBeat Lytics Personalization