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By Julia Farina on Jul 26, 2017

Five Things To Look For In A Customer Data Platform (CDP)

With so many Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) on the market, it can be hard to differentiate one from the other. Here are the features you shouldn't compromise on.

Customer Data Platform Data-First Marketing

By Drew Lanenga on Jul 25, 2017

Understanding How Lytics Identity Resolution Works

Identity Resolution sifts through data from many sources to create an accurate and unified customer record. Although a computationally intensive process, the right framework can make it a lot more flexible.

Identity Resolution Data

By Julia Farina on Jul 10, 2017

New to Customer Data Platforms? Here's A Primer.

There’s been a lot of buzz about Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) in the past year. Learn more about how CDPs work and why the number of large-scale CDP adopters has dramatically increased.

Customer Data Platform Data-First Marketing First-Party Data Gartner

By Julia Farina on Jun 26, 2017

MarTech Series Interviews Lytics CEO James McDermott

Check out what he had to say about the MarTech landscape and the role of Customer Data Platforms.

Lytics News MarTech Interview Series

By Drew Lanenga on Jun 20, 2017

A Glimpse Under the Hood of Natural Language Processing

Understanding how to curate and blacklist the topics in Lytics' Content Affinity engine can get you even more mileage out of your content.

Data Science Data-First Marketing Customer Data Platform Content Affinity

By Julia Farina on Jun 15, 2017

SourceMedia Discusses the B-to-B Publisher's Use of the Lytics Customer Data Platform

In a wide-ranging discussion, SourceMedia CMO Matthew Yorke explains how the publisher uses Lytics for richer user profiles, audience segmentation and more targeted leads for advertisers.

Lytics News Customer Data Platform AdExchanger SourceMedia