Don’t think every customer can be a VIP? Think again.

Lytics’ Customer Data Platform lets you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

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Put your customers at the center of your marketing strategy

Lytics brings all of your customer engagement data (purchasing, email, sales, web, mobile, and more) into one centralized hub so that you can run more personalized and results-oriented marketing campaigns across various communication channels.


Increased website engagement

With personalized web content — for example, only displaying newsletter or sign up prompts to unknown visitors (and suppressing them for your known customers) — you can achieve a 3X increase in conversions and improve bounce rates by 10%.

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More efficient advertising

Clothing retailer Wildfang saw a 60% improvement in their return on ad spend when they used Lytics’ behavioral data to target ads on Facebook.

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Smarter, more relevant email

Media company Racing Post increased their email engagement rates by 20 percent when they adjusted their email frequency based on customers that Lytics’ identified as “likely to engage,” and “unlikely to engage.”

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From Our Customers

"We use Lytics to build hyper-targeted segments and create personalized messages that resonate with that audience. If even a few of those visitors convert, we are able to drive significant revenue for the company."

James Capo, Access Intelligence

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