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Data in One Place

Truly know your customers using Lytics. Unify your customer data today.

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Get Started In Minutes

Combining web and email data is the fastest way to get started.
See our other integrations for more options.

Lytics Snippet

Add the Lytics Snippet

Copy, paste, go -- it's that easy to connect web data.


Connect Your Tools

Authorize the flow of data from your tools with a few clicks
or upload a CSV file. Want to add other web, social or mobile
data? We have integrations for that too.

See Full List of Integrations

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Build Profiles and Segments

View user profiles based on all your data in one place. Or,
create custom segments based on how your users interact
with your brand.


Take Customer Understanding to the Next Level

Unify your data and discover new ways to reach customers
how they'll most likely engage with your brand.

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