Data-Driven Marketing.
Your Audiences in the
Tools You Use.

We make your marketing tools better with predictive
audiences and automated suggestions.

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We build predictive audiences by connecting your marketing data sources.



We discover and recommend marketing tactics - we detect audiences and match them with marketing use cases.

Power Your

Marketing Tools

We make tools you already use better. Your audiences available in your tools for targeting immediately.

Get to Know Your Customers
Lytics Audience Overview Reports

Learn more about your customers with a free weekly report based on your prospects, customers, audiences and how they are changing.

Lytics brings predictive audiences into the tools you already use.

Put Your Audiences To Work

Great marketing campaigns run on data. Make your audiences automatically available in your marketing apps to run targeted, effective campaigns.

Lytics brings predictive audiences into the tools you already use.

Select Integrations

We partner with the tools you already use. See a full list.

  • Mailchimp
  • Mixpanel
  • Optimizely
  • Segment

Do More With the Data You Have.
Easy. Smart. Actionable.

Use data better and improve the customer journey. Lytics gives marketers the means to discover behavioral and predictive-driven audiences and insights by connecting data together.

Personalize your marketing like never before.

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